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Word for Writers

I’m almost done writing the class and companion book Word for Writers!

On Sunday, October 30th 2011 at 11am, I’ll be giving a talk at the Emerald City Writers Conference on some of my suggestions for using Word and not feeling like you want to tear your hair out. If you’re going to be at ECWC, stop by and say hello and pick up one of my Word for Writers cheatsheets!

Striking Out on My Own – Need a Writer?

After 13 years of working for what is arguably the largest software company in the world, I’m putting my energy into striking out on my own and doing what I really want to do – write.

I’m the published author of a very technical book: Testing Code Security and it really sparked my desire to move from my software test engineering career into being a writer.

My passion for years has lain with writing clear, concise and easy to understand articles that bring technology within reach for people who think they’ll never understand it. Now is the time to start acting on that passion.

I’m now looking for opportunities to provide content and write articles for YOU! My pricing is very reasonable and I have a broad range of knowledge just waiting to be put to work for you. You can contact me via the Contact Form on this site!

Newsletter will resume on July 1!

Okay, now that things have again calmed down in the van der Linden household, I’ll be resuming my newsletter on July 1. Just click on the Newsletter link to see the last edition. There’s also a link to use to have it delivered to your email inbox.

Thanks for your patience!

The May 1st Newsletter is delayed a few days

I had been deciding what to write about when my husband and myself have had to put life and commitments on hold to take care of some identity theft of which we are the victims. We’re smack dab in the middle of some police reports and affadavits of forgery. As soon as I get a moment I will update my blog with the saga – if nothing else it may help my readers to know that it really can happen to anyone and just what steps we have taken.

Apologies to all.

The Newsletter is Alive!

The newsletter is currently on Issue #1 (that’s the second edition because there was an Issue #0, strange as that may be, to give everyone an overview of what I’m attempting to do).

Welcome everyone – feel free to pass the URL on to others!

Welcome to my new website!

My name is Maura and I’m a software test engineer by profession. But I have another passion – I love to use my talent for presenting technical subjects to non-technical people in order to teach people more about computers and software.

In spite of the fact that my job is highly technical, I really feel that there is a gap in the resources available to people, especially adults, that I may be able to help fill. Unlike my book on software security testing (you can find information on the Published Works page), when I’ve expressed my desire to write a book to demystify computers and software that was aimed at non-technical adults, I’ve been told there is no market for that information.
I strongly disagree.

So I’m taking on a grass roots project to see for myself what audience there may be for this type of information. I’m having my website set up to focus on this and will begin writing a newsletter twice a month with each issue demystifying some aspect of computers, software and technology. I have a list of subjects that I have gleaned from the requests for help of relatives and friends but I’ll also be setting my Message Boards up to allow readers to ask me questions or make suggestions for subjects or approaches that the readers would like to see.

I’m setting myself a six month minimum time to see what I can discover from this experiment. That’s twelve issues of the Newsletter. At the end of that time, I’ll have to reassess what I intend to do based on the reactions of my readers. It’s always possible that I will end up talking only to myself!

Please feel free to register for the Messageboard (I will have to approve your account to help limit spam and trolling) or drop a note in my Guestbook and let me know what you think.