While working as a Software Development Engineer it Test for a large software manufacturer in Redmond, Washington, I discovered a passion for writing and instructional design. I love teaching others and have a talent for being able to relate technical information in common terms and concepts. After writing a multitude of papers and teaching some in-house classes that I developed, I turned my talents to writing a book to teach software security testing to other testers called Testing Code Security. That cemented my desire to change career focus and, after a dozen years as a tester, I transferred to a new position as a Programmer Writer in 2009. I’m now working for a new company, ExtraHop Networks, Inc., in Seattle, WA as a Sr. Programming Writer.

In addition to my day job, I design and teach classes on Microsoft Office, especially Word, for both writers and office workers. I also offer freelance writing and editing services for both non-fiction and fiction.

I live with my husband and young son in the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington state. We share our home with a multitude of cats, a talkative African Grey parrot and all the supplies that feed my love affair with craft hobbies and digital photography.