Something is going on between the popular Yahoo Groups and Gmail.

I began noticing problems on 3/14 where my volume of email went way down very suddenly. Since I’m pretty much an email addict, I went to my Yahoo Groups page and checked my Email Preferences only to find that my gmail account that is used for most of my groups had been bouncing and automatically disabled by Yahoo. It noted over 300 emails were bounced.

I put it down to some odd circumstance, reactivated the account and went about my merry way. So far I’ve been forced to reactivate it at least once per day. This is really no fun.

But apparently I’m not the only one. This has been happening to quite a few people who use GMail to receive individual emails from their Yahoo Groups. The only information I’ve seen from Yahoo is that the issues is on GMail’s side but no details. I’ve not seen anything from Google at all.

So if you use GMail to receive mail from Yahoo Groups, you may want to check your account status.